Formal economy

Formal Economy.
Performance, 23 Minutes , Alt_Cph, Copenhagen. May 2018.
Formal economy is a lecture-performance in which a mass of stories converge towards a possible reading of a form of economy that is as global as personal. Using a loosely poetic form of speech act, I think among and through the sculptures I am surrounded by, telling stories about various forms of informal economy that exist within our emotional lives. Through these stories I seek to redefine the concept of offer and demand, the history of world trade, and address Spinoza’s desire as a way of encouraging informal economies to take the world in charge. In a frantic form of storytelling, the narrative relies on global mistakes as a form of positivity, forming a system of thought based on the idea of error as opportunity, and allowing signifiers to slide into one another via similitude. Things that are at first scattered become connected with the mass of stories, spinning around an invisible gravitational center. This centrifuge of speech spins across the idea of an economy which is micro and peripheral but ends up replacing the formal one.

ph: Rine Rodin, Christopher Sand Iversen.