the Covensky method

Liv_Schulman_Verbo-20@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015

The Covensky Method is a series of performances that re-enact through lectures the mythical ontological coaching sessions given by the legendary coach and parapsychologist Nick Covensky between the 90’s and the 2000’s. This fictional carachter was able to change the body into colective sculpture. In this episode a group of performers play the confused employées that suffered from the Cavern Sindrome. Frozen in repetition the performers suspend temporality while the lecture goes on.

Duration: 40 minutes.
Verbo performance festival. Vermelho Gallery. Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Liv_Schulman_Verbo-18@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015
Liv_Schulman_Verbo-16@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015

Liv_Schulman_Verbo-30@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015
Liv_Schulman_Verbo-28@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015 Liv_Schulman_Verbo-27@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015
Liv_Schulman_Verbo-24@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015

Liv_Schulman_Verbo-11@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015 Liv_Schulman_Verbo-10@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015 Liv_Schulman_Verbo-8@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015 Liv_Schulman_Verbo-6@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015 Liv_Schulman_Verbo-4@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015 Liv_Schulman_Verbo-3@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015

Liv_Schulman_Verbo-1@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015

Liv_Schulman_Verbo-8@Edouard_Fraipont23 de junho de 2015