el flasherito diario

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Art writing journal that gathers texts of and about the Argentinean art scene. Directed in collaboration with Andrés Aizicovich et Leopoldo Estól. Tabloid format submitted to exceptions. 15 issues. Buenos Aires.

From 2013 ongoing.



In the eagerness to destroy the margins of good taste and collective anxiety to catalog a work of art, proposing a movement of tweezers to grasp the most stinging themes of our scene, with the will to disarticulate the uneasiness, laziness and winter of our discontent. Who has gotten us into such a titanic task?. As an injection of good sense to such a syndrome of Tourettes, before the over abundance of yellow and depressing verbiage that returns to the petty human mass, abstracttion and fantasy, with avidity for an art criticism that surrenders the Manichean notion of well done or badly done , or copycat or uninteresting, and in view of an unusual violence in the middle of the discourse on art is that we decided to draw a journal. A newspaper that crosses knowledge with naivety. A newspaper that advocates a live critique, capable of making crazy connections, of investigating, asking questions and making mistakes. Able to circulate without a passport between the borders of writing, criticism as a creative platform, fiction, caprice, judgment and ease. How can one do art writing? As a trigger for a story? composed in the form of a list ? As fiction? As apocryphal theory? The news goe by quickly, in art too, the samples follow one another with the vertiginous load of zapping, the next day almost nobody remembers. Let’s get out of masochism, let’s get out of narcissism, let’s see art in front of us, ask us for attention. We do not want more pictures of paintings next to armchairs, let’s embrace a new economy of meaning!


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