Assemblée générale

Assemblée générale. Extract.

Vidéo HD 37mn, 2016.

In a balloons factory that has been recovered by its workers lives a group of people who lost their personal identities. All that remains for them is the group as a working entity. The characters are sitting in a circle; they stayed in General Assembly forever, they live in permanent union conflict. They sink in melancholy, they kept doing a production that nobody comes to pick up. It is not certain for them that the factory continues to exist in the real world and they spend their time doing odd balloons, vaguely sexual skin-coloured shapes that they throw into a pool. All dialogues arrive one after the other and are interchangeable. They can be appropriated by anyone who follows the circle and at the same time the characters start developing an intense version of themselves.

Shot in Lyon with a group of amateur and professional actors this project focuses on the exchangeable power of spoken word and its transformative nature.

With Coralie Mangin, Patrice Roche, Julien Volan, Charlotte Bouillot, Steven Fafournoux
Jonathan Peronny,Nicole Mersey, Henri Alexandre, Thibault Schuurmans, Isabel Pradat-Paz.