le Goubernement

Le Goubernement is a fiction in 6 episodes featuring the fate and works of women, lesbians, trans, non-binary artists who lived in Paris between the years 1910 and 1980. Le Goubernement proposes a narration of the art engaged in a way of telling the story, not by tracing falsely universal events, destinies or linear movements, but by creating stories that bring together multiple narratives, images, thoughts, languages and sensations. Le Goubernement is neither a realistic film, nor a period fiction, nor a rational history, it is a film where speeches, images and forms of words also become characters. The different episodes go through and overlay over 70 years of history and welcome the stories and fates of many artists often erased from the great twentieth century modernist narrative such as Marie Vassilieff, Esther Carp, Maria Blanchard, Carol Rama, Claude Cahun, Suzanne Malhberbe , Marcelle Cahn, Pan Yuliang, Elsa von Freytag-Loring- hoven, Shirley Goldfarb, Germaine Richier, Françoise Adnet.

Real stories and anecdotes from their lives mingle with fiction in temporalities that mix and amalgamate in a dubious present. In total there are more than forty-five characters who are played in turn by seven actresses and artists: Eden Tinto-Collins, Agathe Paysant, Catherine Hargreaves, Chloe Giraud, Manuela Guevara, Viviana Méndez Moya (Curtis Putralk) and Nicole Mersey. As is often the case in my work I do not elaborate a linear, rational, logical story, but propose a collective construction of the characters that is the result of a long process of work during the shooting, the rehearsals and the improvisations with the actresses. Identities circulate, evolve sometimes to dissolve: the characters are sometimes played by several different actresses, sometimes an actress plays several roles at a time. Through this circulation is the very notion of identity and its social and mental constructs, that the film wants to question.


Catherine Hargreaves
curtis putralk
Manuela Guevara
Agathe Paysant
Nicole Mersey
Eden Tinto Collins
Chloé Giraud

Ph: Aurelien Mole