Ultimo Round





40 minutes performance consisting in the narrating of a fiction text written under the structure of a boxing match.

Festival Internacional de Performance “Excentricitées” Beçancon. France. 2011.



Sexto round empieza con la inteligencia del otro manejando la media distancia con una combinacion de derecha izquierda derecha con vos que ya estas un poco cansado aunque le das el aperca con una mano durisima!! Vemos la repeticion inmediata cuando tu contrincante cae contra las cuerdas y le das el aperca de nuevo!Spin and becomeSpinSpin and becomeSpin and transform.Spin and become.You go into a nightclub and meet a striper called:Infinity.You meet a striper called:Destiny.You meet a striper called:Fantasy.­­­­You meet a striper called:Surprise.You meet a striper called:Desire.You meet a striper called:Wander.You meet a striper called:Universe.You spin and you become, you spin and you become in transformation after transformation, you double the moment and become a kind of mirror.You spin and become.You spin and transform.You enter the hall of your building and the hall is all in marble. There’s a big mirror on your left and mural sculpture to your right, or vice versa? Keep on going and take the lift and wait for the lift and when it comes open the doors and go inside. The lift inside is very orange. Get off and enter the apartment through the service door, through the kitchen and stay in the kitchen and look around in the big kitchen that has a long and large shelf that runs all through the wall.You’re sitting at the table in the kitchen and you’re drunk and alone. You slowly scratch the dirt under your nails with a toothpick. Your wife comes and sits to drink with you and you talk about buying new curtains for the living room. Everything is mundane. You look at the blue tiles in the kitchen, and they’re blue and yellow, you feel suddenly hungry and then you open the door of the fridge and you look inside but there’s nothing because your wife doesn’t cook all there is, is matzo balls, leftover from Pesaj and instant mash and you renounce. You slowly dig a very tinny hole with the tooth stick in the plastic flowered tablecloth that goes down to the Formica and you dig a very tinny little hole in the Formica. You keep drinking and you light up a cigarette, and your wife tells you that nobody smokes anymore. Which is true. You slowly burn the plastic tablecloth with the tip of the cigarette and your wife tells you to stop doing that. The burning went all the way to the Formica. Very quietly you spin and become.Izquierda derecha combinación de izquierda derecha uno dos combinación clara precisa del argentino esta vendría y hoy le toca a el y ahi esta esta buscando con la mano izquierda le das el aperca, lo busca le das por lo bajo, ahi te frena con la mano izquierda peligroso en el cuerpo estas y sobre todo en la media distancia con su hook en la izqui­erda y sobre todo en la mano derecha y se devuelve mejor, mejor plantada, mas sereno el otro y el vos tratando de ganar la medida te veo nervioso es difícil tenerle al otro en una guardia muy cerrada y vos te desesperas ahi esta la izquierda la dere­cha del otro dominando a lo grande ahi en el centro del ring lo vas a perseguir el gancho derecha bajo bajas la guardia y cuando no te das cuenta te dan por el aperca aperca aperca aperca doble cross y aperca medis la distancia rarisimo lo del otro que no ceja te tiene en el centro del ring te tiene trabajando perpetuamente y te lleva contra las sogas trata de entrar con la izquierda y con la derecha desborda sobre las cuerdas prácticamente!!


Waiting for the half time with the timekeeper trying to separate you and the other, you go to your bedroom and you stand very quiet next to the big window. The bed is undone. Your wife is in the living room. Next to the sofa in the living room there’s a shelf. In the shelf there are little porcelain figurines and your favourite is a woman with milk giant bottles. On the bedside table there’s a glass half full of whisky containing her dentures. It’s the morning and you still haven’t lifted the blinds and the light seeps through the narrow gaps, you squint your eyes and try to glimpse the outside world. Sound comes from the exterior very vague and very soft sound, your breath is slow when you’re watching the traffic in the street and the traffic is also vague and slow because it’s Sunday.Spin and become.Spinning and transforming in the bathroom loo you see yourself in the mirror.You take a spin and see your face again.You take another spin and see you face again but this time you’re wearing a cellophane mask.You take another spin and there’s your face naked again.You take another spin and there’s the cellophane mask.You spin and see your face.You spin and see cellophane.You spin and see face.You spin and see cellophane.You go to the bathroom and the bathroom has a very particular smell. It smells like cigarettes. You breathe in and breathe out breathe in and breathe out and in very small amounts of movement on very tinny convulsions you spin and you become. Go to the cabinet above the sink and open the little door. Inside there is stuff and the stuff starts falling. Light passes through the gaps in the blinds and enters through your nostrils and the light filters you interiorly. The street is so silent that you hear distant fire shots.You stand very quiet.And all of a sudden it’s as if a double of yours were a Reggaeton singer. It is as if a double of yours were a Gangsta rapper. Things you’d never do.Meanwhile the floor is marble, the furniture is Oak and in the wall the reproductions are Kandinsky’s and Picasso’s, the lift is furiously orange the kitchen is Formica, the whisky is imported.It’s noon and the sunlight kicks your face hard through the little gaps.You entered the bathroom and the bathroom smells like frozen cigarettes.You came back to the room and moved the mirror door of the armoire. Things are almost the same.8th ROUNDOctavo round esperando una mano decisiva de tu adversario que parece no tener limites con una mano durisima sin respetar la cabeza reglamentaria cuando se abrzan de nuevo a medio combate estamos fifty-fifty.Through the blinds the light is lowing down, and striping up the room and so you take a pencil you find under the bed and sit on the floor. You spin once again and your double takes over. You start drawing stripes repeatedly, you draw on the carpet and then in the furniture, you draw on the mirror and then you drag yourself under the bed and draw stripes, you hatch the carpet with your pencil again and again until the whole room is striped with light and tiny pencil traces. You work for hours. You look at your masterpiece just to discover that the light is already down and that you missed that fleeting moment where you were supposed to reach unity. You don’t even care. You spin again and you become.Claro por la derecha trata de entrar el otro, otra vez por la derecha, otra vez por la izquierda trata de desestabilizarte te esta trabajando esta de golpe entra por la izquierda una muy baja tuya revoleando la zurda arriba no encuentra las medidas entra por la izquierda, entra por el codo de la mano derecha el otro el que avanza se te escapa entre la izquierda del otro te dan duro con todo estas trabajando lo miras al arbitro y para recordarles que el otro no pierde desde 2003 para ser mas exactos desde el nueve de octubre y que han pasado once años, ocho meses y diecisiete días, concesionado el ring esta demostrando que tampoco va a perder esta noche contra vos pese a los esfuerzos que esta haciendo el chano muy sereno hasta el momento el campeón del mundo te da el aperca derecha entra con la izquierda te va dando los anticipos para vos manejando la plena distancia y va pegando los golpes claros y netos vos te has desesperado como ahora en acortar la distancia pero no has podido frenar el fallado izquierda que ah interpuesto.Por la derecha el aperca otra vez del otro palanca del otro entra el aperca de nuevo palanca con movimientos claros.The space of the ring is organized in two squares of action now.Left Square:In a dark room a man is waiting. He breathes heavily and slowly. There’s a man staring at his computer and his computer makes it like TV light on his face, flashing on and off. His face is flashing. He’s wearing pyjamas although it’s daytime. Did we know it’s daytime?Yes. But we don’t see the light.We all wait.The man has reached the point of least resistance.He’s surrounded by shiny objects that are abstraction of some old minimalism. To his left there’s this thing, something that looks like a coffin made out of steel, all massif of course. No, it’s actually a cube, a square obscure thing. And made in one piece. To his right there’s a porcelain duck, made in geometrical shapes. And behind the man there’s a plastic thing that’s partially buried on the floor. In the pocket of his pyjamas there’s a shiny object, it’s a soft, but glowing object. The computer is like weaving. It slowly undulates in black and white footage. The man stares at the image. Every time he reaches this point it’s the same, and a group of white houses appear in his mind. He doesn’t know why, white houses like in American suburbs. The sky is almost white too, like there’s a lot of luminosity in the air. The group of white houses is usually a good sign. It’s the sign that things are going to become next, that the man is excited, that he’s about to reach that very particular stage. The group of white houses is like the previous stage of the ultimate stage. And the man wonders if all this has to do with. If it’s not the previous mood for. He can’t even formulate it. To swipe this image out of his mind he thinks in secure things such as concrete buildings that look like bunkers, a reserve for geometric shapes, a swimming pool and the group of white houses evaporates. He wants to follow the trace of the white houses but doesn’t know how, the image is a missing corpse.He’s discovered that in the hold of a ship some illegal Bolivian immigrants are making money out of clandestine Lucha Libre fights that he watches on web cam all in black an white footage. They all wear beautiful masks, and shiny robes and they fight barehanded. They personify animals so he’s especially fond on the one who is called la Pantera to the point that he’s almost in love. The man is fascinated. He started living with them following these people’s movements, sleeping when they sleep and eating when they eat. He watches the fights everyday and he records the fights. When he has to sleep he does it embracing his laptop. Right now the man is awake. He breathes heavily and slowly. He stands very quietly in front of his table and suddenly the table breaks itself down in three and folds throwing the laptop on the floor and exploding it. The man stands like a marionette and he closes his eyes and falls asleep.9th ROUNDRight Square:Last night you slept and in your dream there was a group of colourful objects, some furniture that you could identify like tables, fridges, TV’s, two sofas, a group of drawers, an armoire and a bed. There was a fan hanging from the ceiling too, and it was pink.You have to fight; you put on your gloves and shiny robe and go out there. Yesterday it was your birthday and they brought you a big Piñata in the shape of a playboy naked lady that you stroke almost at the first try with your eyes blindfolded.You don’t really care about your dream, you think aperca aperca aperca aperca hook doble hook cross aperca perca aperca aperca aperca aperca hook doble cross hook claro por la derecha trata de entrar el otro, otra vez por la derecha, otra vez por la izquierda trata de desestabilizarte que bien te esta trabajando esta de golpe entra por la izquierda una muy baja tuya revoleando la zurda arriba no encuentra las medidas entra por la izquierda, entra por el codo de la mano derecha el otro el que avanza se te escapa entre la izquierda del otro te dan duro con todo, estas trabajandolo duro y le das el aperca aperca aperca no encuentras las medidas de este combate en el cual pensas aperca aperca aperca and you look at the ceiling you think aperca aperca aperca and you’re looking up, looking up, looking up, you look at the ceiling and you don’t realize that your opponent breaks your face, now the arch of your eyebrow is a complete mess and you want to fix it but there’s so much blood on your eye that all you see is red and you’d like to breathe in with out that sharp pain under your ribs, and that makes your chest whistle in a way you’ve never heard before but you’re persistent and you keep going. You wait for it to happen and you break his back. He breaks your arm. He punches you in the eye again. The fights get really real. You look up to the TV that is hanging on the ceiling. You just have one good eye left. With that good eye you see that on TV some telenovela is on and what you see it’s in white and black footage. On TV the telenovela is climaxing and the characters are kissing. You see the word. FIN.10th ROUNDYou breathe in and breathe out heavily while the other fights you with the intuitive intelligence while you’re sitting on a cyber café when people are heavily breathing next to you, while they breathe in they breath out breath in breath out breath in breath out expelling the air through the moist air while they slowly turn into mozzarella.All you see is plain pixel. You chat online with the teenager you met a week ago. Every night you’ve got erotic dreams about him.You look at your hard-on. You feel your hard-on; you think of your hard-on, you look at your shaky hands.You’re in a cyber café looking like a fourteen-year-old wanker with a hard-on looking at you sweetheart. You look at the screen but your sight is blurry and your eyes produce pixels. You try to subtract and you don’t succeed, your eyes add pixels to a world composed by pixels, you open Youtube and there’s your teen love singing you a love song. You heavily breathe in and breathe out, while you discover that your computer winks and liberates the kind of dark pheromone that makes you wander if Internet isn’t composed of spores flying in the air between you and him. You open and close you eyes, you recycle the air forever, you open Msn and try to get lucky, you send your sweetheart loosely threatening lusty e-mails and you wait. You repeat the move up and down on and off. You’re on. Your love is on Msn, your carefully tell him that the vague amorphous space of Msn is home and that all the rest is exile. And you mainly live on exile.You walk on euphoria; you experience a kind of precarious lucidity that you intend on maintaining alive. You stand very quiet in your kitchen while the city falls into flames. You organize a small firework in your kitchen that slowly extends like mono between teenagers and you go sit in front of your computer and:Respiraspesadamentecuandopensasquetemiraalosojosafueraadentro afueraadentroapercahookdobleapercahook cross.Your sweet hart doesn’t smile cause he’s an insecure teenager with brackets and you spend a year of your life online chatting with the boy. You asked your sweetheart to design you a tattoo and so he did and you got tattooed on the thigh, you got tattooed his name. Your sweetheart is a migrating teenager. You’re so into him that you breath heavily while your flesh slowly turns into mozzarella. Mozzarella. You ask your teen sweetheart to show you his tattoos and he stands and you start breathing heavily again inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar inspirar expirar you got your sweetheart on web cam and perform hypnosis on him. Outside the night of the living dead is happening.What’s the best way to escape zombies? Turn yourself into one!Slowly walk towards the sunset stumbling to the left and to the right, look very calm, and perform every version of living dead that have existed since 1968. When you’re a zombie your body is a hotel, and you live in it, spiting out and eating in. You perform the best kind of zombie ever existed, the inner one, you become a specialist in performing the very minimal sense of zombiness, where small parts of your body fall asleep and you act compulsively. You perform small minimal convulsions that shake you from the inside, secret movements like vibes.Shake shake shake that body while diplomatically the timekeeper whispers in your year to give him the aperca, dale el aperca he whispers and you double cross the other while your eyebrow starts bleeding again and we have a knockout!!11th ROUND.Vemos la repeticion de tremendo knockout.You go for repetition and melancholy. You look at your sweetheart on the web cam while you slowly turn into mozzarella. You feel your flesh going softer, you want to loose control, you want to see him with a hard-on, and then you want to cry.You spend a year chatting online while the outside world slowly turns into the night of the living dead, you say I love you online, you’re overwhelmed with desire and again you hear him breathe in heavily while you sink into the hole of the cam.You’re sweating and shaking, you go out to the streets on fire, you see a group of zombies running around in black and white footage, you see the bicolour shapes and you reorganize your sight until they become black and white chickpeas and then the chickpeas become confetti seen by a security camera slowly turning 360 degrees. You go out and box the zombies looking for your sweet love. You strike the shit out of their faces as easy as tearing a spider’s leg apart, you breath in and breath out. Breathe in breath out aperca and double hook your realize that zombiness is the pure essence of recycling and that you have nothing against recycling. Recycling your flesh that slowly turns into mozzarella.Breathing in breathing outSlowly inhale just exhaleThe air into your lungs and hold it in there count to three