The main resources of my work deal with an exhaustive use of language and translation through the instrumental use of a body. I’m interested in the different ecologies of meaning that seem to come out when these resources get aggravated. The constant use of writing unravels, revolving around an invisible gravitational center. The commonplace of a cynical figure, a detective, a blocked writer, a balloons factory worker becomes embodied by interchangeable actors. This figure informs a discourse-production tool, invocating a mass of stories that merge with each other and document a tragic idea of a paranoid concussion. Through the explanation of invisible systems, a mass of connections dresses the portrait of a disillusioned world. Merging with one another, these distinct forms of discourse become absurd and crazy tools of a paranoid interpretation of the social world, based on the alienation of bodies, the devaluation of identities, and the complexities of desire for meaning. 


Lundi de Phantom #25 à Khiama. Projections et conversation accompagnée d’Émilie Renard (directrice de La Galerie, Centre d’art contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec) et Olivier Marboeuf: https://r22.fr/auteur/liv-schulman/


Texte de Sophie Lapalue pour La Belle Revue: http://www.labellerevue.org/fr/focus/2017/liv-schulman-paranoia-epidemique

Entretien avec patrice Joly pour Zerodeux magazine: http://www.zerodeux.fr/specialweb/entretien-avec-liv-schulman/

Bienal de Rennes: Incorporated!:http://www.lesateliersderennes.fr/content/2-les-editions/1-incorporated/en-savoir-plus/2-presse-et-professionnels/adr2016-guidebook-ok.pdf

On writing: https://livschulman.com/works/el-metodo-covensky-the-book/




Born in 1985.
Lives and works between Buenos Aires and Paris.


2015: Post-Diplome Lyon. Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Lyon. (FR)
2012: UTDT programa de artistas. Post Master. Buenos Aires. (AR)
2010-2011: MFA Art Writing. Goldsmiths University of London. (EN)
2005-2010: MFA Art. École Nationale Supérieur d’art de Cergy. (FR)

Selected shows and performances/

Coming up “Los accidentes laborales” Solo exhibition at Piedras Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Individual Exhibitions/

“The Night Shift” Cur. Patrice Jolly, Zoo Galerie, Nantes. France.
“The Obstruction” cur. Celine Kopp. SixtyEight Art Institute. Copenhagen. Denmark.
2015- “The Covensky Method IV”
Verbo Performance Festival. Vermelho Gallery. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“Control Season II” Big Sur Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014- “El método Covensky III. A prehistoric record.” Matienzo Art Centre, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
“El Método Covensky II. A recess with out reconstruction”
Matienzo Art Centre. Buenos Aires.

“El Método Covensky I. A recess and a reconstruction”
Performance at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

2013- “Splendour” Museum of Contemporary Energy. Buenos Aires.
2011- “Control a Tv Show Season 1” Galería Corazon. La Plata, Argentina.
“Lies, lies, lies” Barberousse Gallery, Paris. France.

Collective exhibitions/

“The Empathy” Performance at the Cut the Gap seminar. SMK Copenhague, Denmark.
“Sans bride, ni mors, ni rênes” with Kader Attia, Bertille Bak, Estelle Chrétien, Miguel Costa, Ruth Ewan, Morgan Fortems, Clarisse Hahn, Guillaume Robert, Liv Schulman. Cur. Doriane Spiteri. PHAKT. Centre Culturel Colombier. Rennes. France.

“Buenos Aires Young Art Biennale ” Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“Tes Mains Dans Mes Chaussures #3” cur. Vanessa Desclaux & Emilie Renard – 04.2017 / 07.2017 / La Galerie Noisy-le-Sec, France.
“Tes Mains Dans Mes Chaussures #2” cur. Vanessa Desclaux & Emilie Renard – 01.2017/ 07.2017 / La Galerie Noisy-le-Sec France.
2016– Incorporated! Biennale de Rennes. Halle de la Courrouze. Rennes, France.
cur. François Piron.
Bienal del Pensamiento Paralelo. cur. Marcelo Galindo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2015-“A story for Merging” Performance. Scène Ouverte. Paris, France.
“La menor Resistencia” Nora Fish Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014-“Performaton” cur. Javier Villa. Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires.
2013-“Un Mundo que se Acuerda a Nuestros Deseos” cur. Camila Telléz. Mite Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“New Economy” cur. Claudio Iglesias. Alberto Sendrós Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Prix Fundación Vairoletto “La Desaparición”. cur. Lucrecia Palacios. Faena Art Centre Buenos Aires. Argentina.
XIV National Fine Arts Salon of Rosario. Rosario Argentina
“Visite Israel- Visite Palestina-” en collaboration avec Ariel Cusnir. Metrónomo Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2012-“Biopic” cur. Nancy Rojas. Contemporary Art Museum of Rosario, Argentina.
“After you Die” Espacio 104, Bogotá, Colombia.
“Internet Killed Televisión”.  cur. Luciana Ponte. Emilio Caraffa Museum, Córdoba City , Argentina. 2011-“El Museo Performático” (Instructions for ephemeral artworks) The Night of The Museums, Museum of Contemporary Energy. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
“This is what it is” Chisenhale Gallery. cur. Maria Fusco. London, EN.

Selected Screenings/

2017-Que Faire?#2 at the Lundi de Phantom. Khiasma. Les Lilas. Fr.
2016-Screening of Control a TV Show. Television de Rennes. Open Television. France.
Screening of “La Desaparicion” In Extenso. Clermont Ferrand, France.
Screening of Assamblée Generale. Cac La Galerie de Noisy-le-Sec. France.
Screening of Assémblée Generale at Paraphernalia, musée des Confluences. Lyon. France.
2015-Screening of “La Desaparicion” Museo de La Democracia. Montevideo, Uruguay.

Lectures and teaching/

2017- “A blockbuster is born” Workshop with 2nd and 3rd year students and lecture at the EBABX.Fr.
Lecture at ESACM followed by workshop with 5th year students. Clermont Ferrand. Fr.
“La mediation par l’Esoterisme” Workshop at Cac La Galerie de Noisy-le- Sec. France. 
2014-2015: “Formar” teaching with Monica Giron. UTDT. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2014: “De la Escritura a la Escultura” Six months workshop at UV Estudios. Buenos Aires Argentina.
2014: “El Universo y Yo” six months workshop with Ivo Aichenbaum. CC Matienzo. Buenos Aires Argentina.
2013-2014: “Sondra” One year workshop at Big Sur Gallery workshop space. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2011-2012: “Dibujar es escribir, escribir es esculpir” One year workshop at the Nuevo Museo de Energía Contemporánea La Ene. Buenos Aires.
2012-2014: Triple Frontera. Art Writing Cycle. Coordination, Invention, Line Up and Maitre de Ceremonies at the art writing cycle that happened twice a months in Buenos Aires. This cycle gathered artists whose practice was writing-based for performances and public readings in underground venues. 

Grands and stipends/

Residences secondaires Parc St Leger. (FR)
cènes du Sud. France. (FR)

Bourse regional PACA . Triangle France. Marseille. (FR)
DRAC Ile-de-France – La Galerie Noisy-le-sec (FR)
Vairoletto Art Foundation. Buenos Aires. (AR)
Fondo Nacional de Las Artes. Buenos Aires. (AR)
Mecenazgo del Fondo Metropolitano. (AR)
Beca de Viaje Colección Alec Oxenford. (AR)


On Tammy Metzler editions:

El método Covensky (novel). 2015.

El Camino del CNTRL. 2013.

Publishing and editing/

El Flasherito

Art writing journal that comes out once a month.
Directed in collaboration with Andrés Aizicovich et Leopoldo Estol. Tabloid format submitted to exceptions. 15 issues. Buenos Aires.

Algo mejor que Nada (Something Better than Nothing). Emargé #001, Emargé #002. Tengen #003. ITCH #07.Granta #143. ReadDirtyToMe #2. Allotrope #01.Hipertexte # 43. Foxandsquirrel #128. Artists Talking (blog). Verities #07. Young Fresh and Relevant Issue #03. Radar. Pagina 12. Pobre, Feo y Elegante I, II, III. “Idioglossia, An Art Writing Glossary” Whitechapel Editions. El Flasherito #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 ,12,13, 14, 15.

Online press/

El Flasherito: http://flasherito.com.ar/
La Belle Revue: http://www.labellerevue.org/fr/focus/2017/liv-schulmanparanoia-epidemique. Par Sophie Lapalue.
http://www.zerodeux.fr/specialweb/entretien-avec-liv-schulman/ http://www.pagina12.com.ar/diario/suplementos/radar/17-9551-2014-03-02. html http://www.pagina12.com.ar/diario/suplementos/radar/subno- tas/7806-1685-2012-03-25.html http://www.arteba.org/ping-pong-liv- schulman/http://www.ramona.org.ar/node/46897 http://www.big-sur.com. ar/arte-texto/texto-arte.php?Id=91&t=S%EDn%20T%EDtulo&a=Liv%20 Schulman&Id_a=236


2017: Parc St Leger. Residences Secondaires. France.
2017: Triangle France. Marseille. France.
2016-2017: CAC La Galerie, Noisy le Sec. France.
2015-2016: Post-Diplôme ENSBA Lyon. France.
2015: CIA (Centro de Investigations Artísticas) . Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2015: Mundo Dios Residency. Mar Del Plata. Argentina.
2011: MACRO Residency Rosario. Argentina.